Mastodon Search Engine Indexing Expectations

On 2023/07/04, I posted a poll asking mastodon users about their awareness of the search which allows them to specify whether search engines should index their post. This setting, as of the time of this writing, is enabled by default on vanilla mastodon.

For posterity, the results were:

328 people voted in total. The poll received 39 boosts.


All these pieces together suggest that opting in to post indexing better matches people's expectations, and also that the average mastodon user (at this point in time) is fairly likely to choose non-default settings.

Some comments on the methodology

The fediverse (and mastodon) is a network, so these results reflect the attitudes of my place within the network. If you were to repeat this poll elsewhere, it's entirely possible you'd see completely different results. At 39 boosts, I imagine it probably got to some more disparate corners of the network, but it would still be an interesting experiment to repeat from a different starting point.

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